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Purchase invoices

Purchase invoices allow you to track and analyze transactions with specific suppliers. The system allows you to load the originals of invoices within the system, which guarantees the preservation of the invoice. To pay for one or several invoices, it is necessary to create a payment order and transfer it to the bank. A payment order saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

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Store purchase invoices digitally

Supplier invoices help you keep track of company expenses ...

Quick overview of features

Purchase invoice report
Creation of a payment order to the bank
Upload bank statement
Invoice payment tracking
Quick download of all invoices
View by selected dates
Download invoices in PDF

Payment tracking

The system automatically displays paid invoices, invoices due dates and debts.

Supplier report

A report on a specific supplier allows you to track all transactions with this supplier.

Payment by payment order

You simply select the necessary invoices for payment, create a payment order and transfer it to the bank. This feature allows you to pay multiple invoices at once.

Saving a supplier invoice

When entering a purchase invoice, attach the original invoice in PDF format and copy the necessary data.

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