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Qbill point of sale (POS)

The module "POS system" is intended for retailers (shops, exhibitions, clinics, etc.) and catering facilities (cafes, restaurants, snack bars, etc.). The module does not require installation on the device, and special knowledge.
The module is easy to use, the seller scans or selects the product, the module "POS system" does the rest.

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What is included in the POS system

Qbill POS system is simple, reliable, and quick...


Quick overview of features

Simultaneous servicing of several clients in one window when switching tabs.
Cash flow control in daily reports
Automatic calculation of cash in the cashbox
Displays on the client monitor information about the cost of product, discounts, final price, received funds and delivery. Also, on the monitor, if necessary, the data of the company, service personnel and advertising are displayed.
Automatic removal of product from warehouse
Create discounts or change sale prices
Sending an invoice to the customer’s email address
Billing with deferred payment
Transaction reports


The POS system interface is simple and logical, the seller will master it in a couple of minutes. The menu is divided into intuitive semantic blocks. Special training for employees is not necessary. Enough independent study to remember the main actions and get started. Employees will cope with all current issues on their own  without the involvement of specialists.

Payment by any ways

Sometimes the client does not have enough money both in cash and on the card. In this case, the payment can be combined, paying partly in cash and partly with a card. Thanks to the logic of the module "Point of sale (POS) system, this will not cause any difficulties.

Health care

The color scheme of the module "POS system" is very soft, the text is clear. The combination of these factors does not make the seller strain his eyesight and does not cause fatigue.


Cash desk speed no longer depends on the seller’s qualifications, memory and intelligence level. The seller does not need to think about what is being sold, what restrictions apply to this product, and what payment methods exist. The seller simply scans or selects the product. The module "POS system" takes care of the rest and protects the seller from errors, and the entrepreneur from the disloyal seller.

Attention to work

Thanks to a well-thought-out interface, the seller’s attention is not scattered, but concentrated on service, which attracts customers.


In the module "Point of sale (POS) system", employee authorization occurs instantly: just scan the employee’s personal card and you can get to work.

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BASIC PACKAGE + Warehouse + POS system

Invoices: Not limited

User: Not limited

Warehouse products: 2000 - 50 000

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