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E-invoices are a format that allows various systems to process invoices automatically. This format is simple and easy to use. This type of invoices is used by the open sector.


How do e-invoices work?

E-invoices are simple, fast and reliable.

Quick overview of features

Create e-invoices
Sending e-invoices to the operator
Receive e-invoices in Qbill
Quickly add e-invoices to the system

Invoice generation

In the Qbill system you simply create an invoice in the format that you are used to, but at the stage of sending the invoice is converted to the e-invoice format.

Client choice

When sending an invoice, you select a client and, if he can accept e-invoices, you can send an e-invoice.

Invoice sending

The last step is to send an e-invoice to the client. You simply click "Send invoice" and if the client can accept e-invoices, then an e-invoice will be sent to the e-invoices operator.

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